*** UPDATE July 2018***

We are sure you have been watching and wondering as the new, large building has been erected on the property! This building will be home to the Bowl Mill and the Rouch World retail and gift shop!! The Bowl Mill will feature handcrafted creations from our very own, and very talented, Jamey Rouch. We anticipate offering many items in our retail store including raw lumber for woodworking enthusiasts, laminated bowls, and plates to name a few. 

Progress is being made consistently at Rouch World. There are plans to add an additional ceremony site location, complete with a pavilion, and Bridal & Groom suites were added this year as well, at the Event Center. Plans have been made to offer resort cabins down the road too!

We strive to bring the best experiences to South West Michigan. Whether it's camping, throwing a party or kicking up some mud, Rouch World has many plans to keep you entertained. Check back often for updates and follow our pages on Social Media!

December Update!

***The township has approved our Special Land Use permit!! We are on track to open the ORV Park in Spring 2017, and anticipate the campgrounds to be ready in Spring 2018! Good things are coming! We are so excited, and can't wait to see you all in the Spring!

November Update!

***We had the public hearing for the Special Land Use Permit for the ORV Park last night. The planning commission heard the publics concerns. Now they will have their attorney review the publics concerns and possible limitations to be added to the Special Land Use Permit. They will discuss their attorneys advise at the next meeting and hopefully vote on issuing the Special Land Use Permit. At this point we are on track to open spring 2017!!

October Update

***OCTOBER 24TH*** We had our planning commission meeting on Tuesday, October 11 and applied for our special land use permit. The next step is for it to go to the public hearing next month. Wednesday, November 9 at 7:00 p.m. will be the public hearing for the ORV park. We would like to encourage people from the township to show up and support us. We are planning on a spring opening if all goes well.

September 20th

***Update*** The Sherman Township Board has voted to adopt the zoning ordinance! Now we can apply for the special land use permit. This may take up to another 4 months, but we are moving in the right direction! At this point, we are looking at a Grand Opening in the Spring! In the meantime, we will continue to improve the grounds and prepare for the spring! 

We appreciate your continued support!

July 13

**ROUCH WORLD UPDATE** We had our monthly township planning commission meeting tonight, July 12th, which included a public hearing for the proposed zoning ordinance that would apply for ORV parks. The planning commission made some minor changes to the proposed zoning ordinance. They will wait to have those changes officially reviewed by their attorney and added to the final proposal for next months meeting, August 9th. If all goes well next month, they will vote whether or not to send it on to the county with their recommendation.

This is an additional step than we were originally anticipating and will most likely delay this process one extra month. At this point, we would estimate to obtain permits within 4 months.

We appreciate seeing and hearing the positive feedback from everyone and hope to gain additional support as we move forward.

June 15th

Great news everyone! The meeting last night took a step in the right direction. Everyone agreed that our May 28th preview day event demonstrated that the ORV park would be great for the community and there were no complaints for disturbances. The planning commission voted 5 to 2 in favor of adopting an ORV zoning ordinance. So the next steps will be to send this zoning ordinance to the township board and St. Joseph county with their recommendation for approval. If they approve it, then the planning commission can issue us a special land use permit, which they will hold a public hearing for. It looks like it's going to be a minimum of 4 months before we would get through that process. Thank you for all your continued support, and be sure to check our page for further updates.